Shure SM 57

Ok so a quick post on Old reliable….  The SM57 regularly spotted pressed up against the grill cloth in venues the world over.  It can be a bit bright, But when mixed with other mics and/or placed off axis, It can be a very useful tool. Here’s a bit of relevant data on the SM57 model Found in the line 6 Helix.

Factory frequency response chart

Shure SM57

As Measured in helix (below)

Screenshot 2018-02-16 13.22.40

Below is a Graph of an SM57 on (green) vs. off axis (blue) as we see the crossover range is 1000hz to 2100hz  My tests at 1600hz yielded quite acceptable results. So 1600 is a good starting point and adjust to taste.  +3db bass and -1.8 highs.


Screenshot 2018-02-23 12.39.48

SM57 Split crossover technique 30 degree off axis recommendations.

Crossover 1100hz to 2100hz

Low +3db

High -1.8db


If you’re not sure what this is all about here’s the article where I discuss this technique. A little something on Mic Distance and Axis with an sm57

And Here’s the article where I explain how I take these measurements. Mics . Don’t like em? Delete em..




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