A quick Dive into the Teemah (timmy)

Ok so today I want to do a quick run through the Timmy.  Its a pretty versatile OD that With its Bass and Treble cuts can get a wide array of tones.  I just want to write up a quick Post to go through the different modes of the pedal and what they do.

Screenshot 2018-02-24 18.22.53

Here’s a little bit of the circuit.  I’m not interested in posting schematics so i’ll just post a snippet showing the switching and clipping diodes.  Essentially we see an opamp (triangle) with a feedback loop (pretty much everything in the green rectabgle above the triangle.  we have 2 diodes in series going in each direction, allowing only one half of the waveform to pass thru each set.  The interesting part of this circuit is the two additional diodes on switches.  They can be added in and out of the circuit to create some asymetric clipping and some Interesting results.  Lets see shall we?


Thats all for today


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