The Minotaur… Under the hood.

Ok so last evening I posted up this video of the Minotaur model in the line 6 helix.  Today I want to do a little write up to go along with it.

So I figured I’d go online and find a schematic and start going thru it and step by step, really basically as that is the extent of my ability with reading schematics.  …anyway I found that the Klon is a pretty darn complex circuit. I was expecting your typical dual op amp with soft clipping diodes in the feedback loop …easy peasy.  Boy was I wrong.  Well the good news Is I found this.  which is a superb article explaining the Klon way better than I ever could, the comments on this article are outstanding too… so If you want to get your Inner Geek on  Check it out.


That’s all for now



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